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Cultivating Floral Dreams for Over 35 Years


Welcome to The Flower School, where floral artistry meets a legacy of excellence spanning more than three decades. What began as a modest venture in a London basement has blossomed into a thriving hub of creativity and learning. Today, we stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing aspiring florists, fostering their passion, and cultivating their skills. With a rich history that intertwines tradition and innovation, we invite you to delve into the vibrant world of floristry that The Flower School has diligently crafted. Explore why our intimate learning experience, practical approach, and seasoned tutors set us apart as a premier destination for those who dream of flourishing in the art of flowers.


Business: Did you know that The Flower School has been thriving for over 35 years? What commenced in a London basement has evolved into an inviting space radiating an enticing and addictive energy. Our state-of-the-art 3-classroom facility, abundant in size and facilities, is equipped with technology to accommodate both in-person and remote students.

Experience: Over the duration of your course, our commitment to you is that you will feel supported by our team. We take pride in our students and the potential career paths they may take. You will know all of us individually and feel nurtured in your learning experience.



Practical: At The Flower School, our focus is to provide practical floristry skills that go beyond the theoretical. While our teachings adhere to Skills Assure standards, we infuse an industry perspective into the arrangements, ensuring our students are prepared for the workforce. You’ll explore diverse approaches to various floristry styles, learning more than one way to create a bouquet.

Open Night: We go beyond a mere certification. Upon completing your course, participation in our Open Night is mandatory. Your final display piece, showcased alongside those of your peers, will be a testament to the practical application of your learnings. Let your creativity run wild as you present your skills to friends, family, and industry experts.

Convenient Location: Situated on Brisbane’s Northside, The Flower School is just 5 minutes from the Gateway Motorway, offering readily available street parking. Our convenient location is ideal for students traveling from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and within Brisbane. For those relying on public transport, both Northgate Station and Bindah Station are within walking distance.

Experienced Tutors: Our tutors at The Flower School bring diverse industry backgrounds, a fact not only valued but celebrated. Choosing us means receiving skills and knowledge honed by tutors with extensive experience. Together, armed with expertise in commercial and event floristry, our tutors enrich the learning journey for our students.


Amanda’s Expertise Unveiled: Your Floral Mentor 


Embark on a journey of floral expertise under the seasoned guidance of Amanda. Within our team, her unparalleled experience, generously imparts her wealth of knowledge. Serving as your mentor, she reveals the intricacies of her extensive career, marked by notable events such as working in London for high-profile figures like Sir Elton John, Princess Diana’s 30th Birthday, and HM Queen Elizabeth’s 40th Jubilee Wedding Anniversary.

As the most seasoned member of our team, Amanda openly shares the wealth of many years of experience openly. Her enthusiasm for flowers is palpable, especially during presentations. Rooted in tradition and timelessness, her floristry style is a testament to her constant ambition for evolution, with an honest approach to teaching and feedback.


Hayley: Crafting Beauty with Meticulous Precision






Meet Hayley, the ace of meticulous detail and artistic finesse. Despite her youthful appearance, Hayley serves as a living testament to refined artistry cultivated under the guidance of the industry’s most esteemed mentors. Detail-oriented by nature, Hayley’s teaching style reflects a level of finesse that surpasses her years. Don’t be deceived by her youth; she has been mentored by the best, bringing a unique blend of calmness and maturity to her instructions that instantly puts everyone at ease. Hayley’s mastery in wired work and intricate floristry styles is unparalleled, making her a go-to resource even for her fellow tutors who occasionally seek her insights and secrets.


Emily: Paving the Way for Trends with Charismatic Innovation



Enter the world of floristry innovation guided by Emily, a pioneer with a distinctive flair. Drawing from her experiences in cutting-edge establishments ( or stores), Emily injects her teaching with the dynamic energy of emerging trends.

Emily is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of industry trends, with a commitment she brings to every tutoring session. Her background in ground-breaking stores influences her unique teaching.

She also brings an appreciation for aesthetic detail that will challenge you to meet real industry standards.



Bea: Navigating Your Floral Adventure

Embark on a transformative journey guided by Bea, a face of floristry wisdom. With a wealth of experience, Bea is poised to impart her extensive floristry skills and assist students in becoming florists. Throughout her career, she has skilfully managed and led large teams of both qualified florists and trainees, owned a successful retail business, and contributed her expertise to one of Brisbane’s most prestigious florist shops. Bea is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, skills, and vast experience with students, facilitating the commencement of their own rewarding journey in the world of floristry.

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