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    Certificate II in Floristry

    Why Floristry?

    Floristry has been practised for at least 4000 years, dating back to Egyptian florists who crafted bouquets, table decorations, funeral flowers and temple arrangements.  Creating floral displays to mark special occasions is an ancient human custom.  The Flower School continues this tradition by training new generations of florists – including you!

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    Who Should Take This Course?

    This is the ideal introductory course if you are exploring the idea of floristry as a profession.  Entering the rewarding and artistic floristry industry begins with a Certificate II, qualifying you at an assistant level.


    What does this course involve?

    You will learn all the basic aspects, skills, and techniques required to assemble a wide range of floral items including contemporary and traditional bouquets, arrangements, and table centrepieces. You will also become proficient in basic wiring techniques for creating corsages, boutonnières, and the all-time favourite, flower crowns.

    This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the care, storage and preparation of floral stock, display, and retail skills.  You will visit flower markets, growers, and other events to obtain a broad knowledge of the floral industry.

    You will be required to complete at least 10-12 hours study per week.


    • How to recognise flowers and foliage (project)
    • Skills for a range of floral arrangements
    • Techniques on wiring a variety of flowers and foliage
    • Sourcing floristry products
    • Care and storage of floristry stock
    • A range of practical retail work practices
    • Costing and pricing arrangements

    The Flower School staff are passionate and experienced
    professionals who will guide you through the essential
    components of being a successful florist assistant.

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    Accreditation and entry requirements

    This is a government accredited nationally recognised course. Once you have been deemed competent in all units you will be awarded SFL20115 Certificate II in Floristry.

    To enrol, you must be 15 years or over and possess a love for flowers. This course  is designed for those starting their career in floristry.

    Full Time


    Duration: 8 weeks, Monday – Wednesday 9:00am – 4:00pm

    With allocated Study Breaks

    You will be required to complete 10-12 hours study per week

    Part Time


    Duration: 15 weeks, Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm, new day Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm

    With allocated Study Breaks

    You will be required to complete 8-10 hours study per week

    Part Time


    Duration: 15 weeks, Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturdays 8.30am – 4.00pm

    With allocated Study Breaks

    You will be required to complete 8-10 hours study per week


    Off Campus study, designed for remote students, with access to tutors via livestreaming, email and phone.

    Duration: Zoom students are expected to be on-screen attending full-time or part-time classes, e.g. from 9:00am until 4:00pm during each and every class, just like you would be if you were attending on campus.

    We would like to see you in the classroom for a one-week based practical study for starters, if possible. Please phone the office to discuss your options.

    Purchase of fresh flowers

    The Flower School course fees cover the cost of your training, manuals, workbooks, one pair of scissors, towel, sundries as well as our industry tour guides.  The Flower School offers affordable payment plans.

    Full Time: $2,850.00 + $60.00 in-class sundry items + flowers

    Part Time: $2,850.00 + $60.00 in-class sundry items + flowers

    Night/Saturday course: $3,800.00 + $60.00 in-class sundry items + flowers

    Remote course: Course cost (Full Time, Part Time or Night/Saturday) + flowers

    Purchase of fresh flowers

    Full Time Day Course: please allow approx $100.00 – $200.00 per week for fresh flowers
    Part Time: please allow approx $50.00 – $120.00 per week for fresh flowers
    Night/Saturday course: please allow approx $50.00 – $120.00 per week for fresh flowers

    Botanical Care
    SFLDEC001 Maintain floristry tools and equipment
    SFLSOP003 Recognise flower and plant materials
    SFLSOP004 Receive and store floristry stock
    SFLSOP005 Prepare and care for floristry stock
    SFLWHS001 Participate in safe work practices
    AHCNSY204A Maintain indoor plants
    Practical Floristry
    SFLDEC005 Assemble floristry products
    Shop Ready
    SFLSOP002 Work effectively in the floristry industry
    SFLSOP007 Interact with floristry customers
    SIRXSLS201 Sell products and services
    SFLSOP006 Display and merchandise floristry products
    In a Nutshell
    SFLSOP001 Source information on floristry products and services

    Upon completion of this course, you will be qualified for employment as an assistant in the floristry industry. This is a sound foundation for undertaking a floristry traineeship or continuing with a Certificate III in Floristry. Work as an assistant in floral shops, hospitals, supermarkets, market stalls or any number of venues where arrangements are created and sold.

    Student Pre-Enrolment

    Ready to bloom?

    For further enrolment information or assistance please call
    our friendly office team on 07 3868 2939.

    We look forward to helping you start your Floristry career.