Welcome to the Spring Addition of the Flower School Newsletter

Irises go back to ancient times in Egypt where they were immortalized in drawings as symbols of the renewal of life. This lovely flower is named after the Greek messenger of the gods, Iris, who was said to have golden wings and to travel on a rainbow. “Iris” means “rainbow” in Greek, fittingly representing the many colours of the iris flower.

Where the Story Begins …

The worldwide success story of the iris probably began in 1479 B.C., when King Thutmose III of Egypt had conquered Syria, where irises grew in great profusion. Thutmose immortalized iris in sculptures at the Temple of Amon at Karnak, as well as in the gardens of Egypt. That is where their story begins.

The word for Iris comes from Greek word meaning “rainbow”.

In FENG SHUI all bulb flowers symbolize Wealth

Emily’s favourite flower is an Iris.

Care and Conditioning
Iris are easy to look after as are other bulbs, just cut and place into a vase of water of deep cold water.

Daffodils need to be placed on their own as their sap is poisonous to other flowers.