Arrangement Green

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost :   $180.00

Includes: all flowers and material

This workshop teaches you how to create your own lovely, large pedestal arrangement.  Join in our hands-on workshop to find out the secrets of designing and constructing floral styles suited for the church and make a wow at the entrance.  Height, balance and impact are the focus.  Enjoy the challenge with a friendly morning tea…and make room in your car!

Some previous experience welcome but not required


Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost :   $290.00
Includes: Flowers and materials

This Master Workshop is critical to the wedding flower professional/enthusiast or event designer.  Floral archways and arbours are used to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, award ceremonies, race day functions, christenings and so much more.  Learn from professional florists the construction and techniques involved to create stunning floral archways and arbours that set the tone for a spectacular event.  Students are instructed in a variety of models, with and without floral foam, adapting style goals to techniques.  Students work at their own pace under the guidance of floral tutors.

Cost   $290.00
Included: all flowers and materials

The Rosemelia is a particularly special and extraordinary floral ensemble.  Used for a variety of special occasions, the Rosemelia is visually stunning: by combining deconstructed rose petals, wired and reassembled, one enormous flower is created.  Rosemelias make beautiful bridal bouquets and are the latest wedding fashion.

In this exciting workshop, you will learn how to create a glamorous Rosemelia.  Students mastering the Rosemelia technique will be able to thrill their colleagues with this fun and beautiful concept. This Master Workshop is suited to novice florist/flower enthusiasts and no experience is necessary.

WEARABLE ART Floral necklace & Pendant workshop

Be inspired and create your own special necklace and pendant. In this master class you will learn the latest trend’s, constructing interesting and unique pieces.

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost $245.00
All Flowers and materials are included.

BRIDAL BOUQUETS: the Most Important Flowers

(Fully Wired)

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost :   $290.00

Includes: all flowers and materials

Every florist knows that the bridal bouquet is often the most important bouquet in a woman’s life.  This class focuses on fully-wired trailing bouquets and is a great refresher course for the professional florist or serious floral student.  Our professional florists will instruct you in a hands-on, guided process.  These classes are kept intentionally small to allow quality tuition.  This class will provide design and colour theory, principles of balance and practical techniques.  This is a perfect opportunity to update your portfolio and create a beautiful bouquet to take home.


Duration: 4 hours
Cost $290.00

Includes: Flowers and materials

This workshop is all about getting the ‘Wow Factor’ through constructing fabulous visual displays.   These floral installations, designed to be hung from the ceiling, make a spectacular impact in ceremony spaces, weddings and other special events.

Learn from the experts how to create these large-scale designs from the foundation to the mechanics behind the structures to the design style, appropriate foliage and blooms to the finished masterpiece.  Be inspired by the latest trends in large installations, construction techniques and other secrets of event planning.  This three and a half hour Master Workshop allows students to work collectively on a large-scale hanging installation under the tutelage of our master florists.

GARLAND MASTERCLASS: Deck the Halls with Chains of Flowers

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost $190.00

Includes: all flowers and material

Learn how to create glamorous garlands for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.  Garland arrangements dress wedding tables enhance banister rails, church pews, doorways, and fences.  Learn innovative use of garland designs, including hanging installations! Join this hands-on workshop to master the mechanics, design methods, floral selection and floral preservation techniques of glamorous garlands.