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EKKA 2017

In 2017, The Flower School once again celebrated a fantastic 10 days of floral competitions at the “Ekka” within the new Flower and Garden Exhibition hosted in the old museum precinct. That year the museum celebrated 140 years.
The competitions, hosted by The Flower School, were open to professional florists and floristry students studying Certificate II, III and IV in Floristry.
A record number of 35 professional florists competed within the 5 competitions held.Beautiful displays, competitions, workshops, flower crowns, industry education on flowers and plants grown in Queensland were viewed by all attending.
Much enjoyment and laughter was had this year organising a beard competition. (See photo above) Director of The Flower School, Amanda Meads and a tutor decorating Australia’s “gardening guru” Costa on the community stage of the Ekka.
The Flower School once again hosted the flower crown activity workshop and we so enjoyed seeing many of you return from the previous year. Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers who helped, laughed and brought your nimble fingers to make over 5000 flower crowns over the 10 days.