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    Dried Floral Crafternoon Box

    Dried Floral Crafternoon Box – DIY delivered to your door

    Nothing can beat the feeling of being able to proudly say “I made that!”

    If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your inner florist, and ‘crafternoons’ are your thing, then this box is for you.

    Delivered straight to your door, we will send you a beautiful array of dried flowers and foliage for you to create your very own self-inspired, original masterpiece.

    The ‘crafternoon’ box is also perfect for children aged 12 years and over.


    We have two ‘crafternoon’ boxes to choose from:

    Dried Ceramic Floral Arrangement ($135 incl. postage)

    Dried Floral Bunch ($125 incl. postage)

    Options for study

    Duration: At your own leisure.

    Includes: Flowers, foliage, all materials, and instructions.

    Fee, including delivery: $125.00 – $135.00

    Ready to bloom?

    For further enrolment information or assistance please call
    our friendly office team on 07 3868 2939.

    We look forward to helping you start your Floristry career.