BRIDAL COURSE Stage three COURSE FEES $1395.00

Date: 23rd May – 27th May 2016

COURSE FEES $1395.00

10 Lessons Intensive week Classes

9.30am – 2.30pm

This Course is dedicated to Wedding Flowers where we will teach you the basic skills to create bridal designs.  In this Course, Students will learn all the essentials to create successful wedding flowers.  From the initial consultation to the final finishing touches we will take you through the steps required to plan,   create and manage flowers for the event.  Budget and costings are touched upon and we demonstrate how to maximize results with flowers and foliage, with an emphasis on detail.  Completion of Stage One and Stage Two is a prerequisite to this Course.


Course: BRIDAL COURSE Stage Three

Cost: $1395.00


There are three options for participating in classes

Evening Classes – 2 evenings per week, usually Monday and Wednesday nights (over 5 weeks)

Day Classes – One day per week, Usually Tuesday.                                  (2 lessons completed per day over 5 weeks)

One Week Intensive Classes – Monday to Friday

Stage One: 10 lessons all in one week

Stage Two: the following week again 10 lessons all in one week.

One week break

Stage Three: 10 lessons all in one week



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