Bridal Bouquet – Hand Tied Whimsical Design 2

    Bridal Bouquet – Hand Tied and Whimsical Design

    Bridal Bouquet – Hand Tied and Whimsical design

    Whimsical, unstructured bridal flowers have been on the upward trend.  In this class, students will learn how to formally design and construct hand-tied bridal bouquets. Formal and unstructured designs will be covered, as well as colour theory, principles of balance and technique.

    Our professional florists will instruct you in a hands-on, guided process.  These classes are intentionally kept small to allow quality tuition.  This is a perfect opportunity to update your portfolio and create a beautiful bouquet to take home.

    Options for study

    Duration: Each lesson is 2.5 hours

    Individual lesson cost: $190.00

    Cost for both lessons: $350.00

    Includes: Flowers, foliage and all materials

    What to wear: Fully enclosed shoes must be worn 

    Ready to bloom?

    For further enrolment information or assistance please call
    our friendly office team on 07 3868 2939.

    We look forward to helping you start your Floristry career.