Our three week Career Course is designed as a foundation for those wishing to enter the industry (without completing Certificate II or III in Floristry) and with more than just a passing interest in flowers.  Certificates will be given on completion of these courses.

The Career Course consists of three stages.  Introduction to Floristry Stage One, Advanced Stage Two and Bridal Course Stage Three.   These can be completed as a two and one week block through the one week intensive courses.  The Introduction to Floristry Stage One is completed in the first week,  the second week the Advanced Stage Two is completed.  We have a week break and then the Bridal Course Stage Three commences for one week.

We provide flexibility of completing the courses either by joining separate Career Course modules and completing the Course in the day  or night classes.

The evening course covers one lesson per night over a period of 10 consecutive weeks.  The day course covers two lessons per day over 5 consecutive weeks.



Would you like to attend our Career Course?